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When we work with a client, we become an integral part of their company.

  • We develop strategy, determine the optimal mix of marketing tools, and implement priority action items on a structured schedule.

  • We take great care in making sure all marketing components are working in concert for maximum effect.

  • And we have great strength in developing creative marketing campaigns founded on the basics of web, tv/video, radio, print and publicity.

  • Most of all, we love creating content and measuring the results.

Our Team

Sean McVeigh
Sean McVeighPresident & Founder
We help our clients grow based on strong storytelling. I am honored to have produced media content for companies around the world. We love helping companies grow through visual storytelling by leveraging advanced professional tools to deliver media packages across multiple formats.

FUN FACT: I have an amazing wife and two wonderful children; I am a HUGE fan of the NFL (Go Pats!)

Mary McVeigh
Mary McVeighStrategy & Finance
My passion for marketing and entrepreneurship goes way, way back – all the way back 10 years old. That’s when my Dad had me design and hang posters all around the neighborhood for his annual yard sale. And then, he let me count the cash! Now, when I’m not in the back office, doing necessary bookkeeping, I’m flexing my creative muscles with a bit of scriptwriting and the occasional blog post.

FUN FACT: I am a sucker for all things Irish. I start planning our St. Patrick’s Day party in June, and my Guinness Corned Beef Sliders should really win some kind of award. Yum!

Chris Costa
Chris CostaGraphic Artist & Video Producer
As a video producer and animation artist, my mandate is to drive sustainability initiatives forward, telling meaningful stories that make people remember, care and take action.

FUN FACT: Love traveling and recently went to Vietnam.

We’re focused on building audiences through content strategy, video analytics, and marketing technology. Constantly surfing ahead of the tides of marketing trends.

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