When your organization holds a key event – a fundraiser, a meeting, or in this case, a graduation, capturing it on video might sometimes be an afterthought. Don’t let it be. With proper planning, a video can turn your event into a wide-reaching marketing channel. Here are three goals to consider when planning your event video.

First – Use the video to provide a concise summary of your event’s key message or theme. Don’t forget to use poignant images that encourage people to share it across social media.

Second – Continue to engage your attendees. Send email thank-you notes with links to the event video. This will give attendees easy access to key material or event highlights, and will encourage them to share your message with other potential attendees or customers.

Third – Plan for the future. What better way to marketing for next year’s event, than with the best highlights of this year’s event?

Check out this recap of IYRS‘ recent graduation. It makes me want to enroll in their program tomorrow!