IYRS Website LaunchWe want to take a moment to congratulate our friends and colleagues at IYRS. Your new website is phenomenal!

The internationally recognized school of technology and trade has undergone a months-long endeavor to rebuild its website, creating a top-notch user experience that mirrors the technical expertise and craftsmanship of the schools’ students, teachers and alumni.

We’ve been thrilled to be along for the ride, assisting IYRS in building a library of digital media that helps bring the school to life. Along the way, we’ve learned about everything the school has to offer, including preparing students to hone their skills in the art of boatbuilding and restoration, marine systems and composites technology.

IYRS students are bright, talented and innovative, and dedication to their craft doesn’t end in the classroom. The many vintage boats restored by IYRS students, and being enjoyed by their new owners are a testament to the school’s ongoing success.

We’re looking forward to spending more time with the faculty and staff at IYRS, listening to the students’ stories, admiring the beautiful boats and complex restoration projects, seeing instructors share their knowledge, and learning about its alumni’s many successes.

Take a moment to check out IYRS new site, and this school’s unique mission.