shotlist-app-It’s a tried and true maxim that planning makes perfect. Think about the shots you’d like to include and then think about what’s the best way to capture them. With practice you’ll develop a better eye for planning out the shots you want in your video.


What to shoot?

The first step is to make a very detailed list of every thing you want to see or hear in your video. By doing this you’ll have a road map of how your video will look.

Shooting Schedule

When and where will you shoot your video shots?  It’s important to remember when shooting your videos…time is money.

To keep this process as simple as possible a shooting schedule will keep everything on track.

It’s important to keep your shooting schedule in groups such as when you’ll be shooting and where you’ll be shooting. In other words you should try to get all your midday shots in as close together as possible. Same as the location shots and any other variables you can think of.

Next, work with your onscreen talent so that they’re relaxed and project the right amount of energy. Shoot multiple takes to get it right, but avoid going on too long and killing the energy level. You want each take to feel spontaneous, while still including the key words and information you need to impart.

Check out the shotlist app and here is a link to download a spreadsheet to help coordinate your next shoot.