What is pre-roll video? Pre-roll video is the 15-second ad that plays just before the on-line video you selected from your favorite website. That video represents a split-second opportunity for you to engage consumers, and tell the story of your brand.

Think about it. In today’s multi-screen world, media consumers switch between their phones, tablets and laptops at light speed. Video content is often less than 30 seconds.  To succeed in the digital media environment, marketers must learn to engage viewers differently, using even shorter videos.

Message formats continue to shrink, and users continue to have increasing control over ad-viewing. With this, some of our clients are facing a key creative challenge.  How do we entice consumers to watch a commercial they can easily skip, and tell them an interesting brand story in 15 seconds or less?

IYRS was facing some of these challenges. The pre-roll videos we produced for them meet that challenge. They grab the viewer from the opening frame with exciting images of students learning to “build what they love”, all in under 15 seconds.

Check them out below:





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