We are still at it, creating video content, and if you can use our help…we are up and running.

Our video, drone, and animation services have adapted to a fully-remote workflow that is easy!

  • Post Production:  We can create NEW videos with existing assets including footage from previous projects and access to premium stock footage libraries.
  • Drone footage: – can be captured with no contact and the media assets can be downloaded from our servers.
  • Animation:  Many stories can be told entirely with animation and voice over
  • Zoom Presentations:  Zoom recordings certainly don’t need to be edited, but sometimes it’s nice to give it a polished looked for marketing.  Plus we have some great tips on how to set up and capture that perfect interview shot.
  • Remote Review:  Customers can review and comment on projects during post-production virtually from wherever they are 24-hour online.
  • On-Set Live Review:  Customers can tap into a live view of our monitors and provide direction and feedback virtually.
  • Essential-Crew Only:  Our productions can scale to fit the new national guidelines for public gatherings. Providing the same quality in a smaller footprint.

Here are a couple of examples of a higher education video we produce for our client (Dean College).  We developed a concept using cell phone footage from the college community to showcase how they are adapting to the changes with Covid-19.  Also a Youtube pre-roll ad for online summer classes.

We also just produced a few videos for Skills for Rhode Island’s Future using stock footage and graphics.  These videos were produced to recruit more  Rhode Islanders to assist with Covid-19.

Or take a virtual tour around the IYRS campus in Newport Rhode Island.  This video was created for perspective students who couldn’t visit the campus in person during Covid-19.