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Sean McVeigh is an FAA licensed drone pilot, and has captured drone footage across the United States. His work has included high-tech construction projects, music videos for top recording artists, marketing videos within the travel and tourism industry, as well as colleges and universities.

We combine experience, technology and passion to drive superior aerial photography and video services. From a simple drone flights to an intricate multi-location shoots, or budgets scaled from small businesses to full-scale motion pictures, we translate your vision into a gorgeous, impactful, shareable digital media!

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Want to find out how it all started for us?  Check out a recent profile story by Production Hub.  The Drone Life: Learning to fly with Sean McVeigh

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We invest in leading technology to support the services we provide our clients. DJI is the market leader in drones and aerial photography systems. Check out our fleet below!

DJI INSPIRE 2 X5 – The Inspire 2 is DJI’s flagship model featuring professional technology from the world’s leading drone manufacturer. Known for its reliability, ease of use, and quality, the Inspire 2 X5 drone delivers precise camera movement in single or dual operator configurations.

MATRICE 200 – We rely on this drone for its high-performance in challenging weather conditions. The body of the Matrice is rated at IP43 for weather and water resistance in the field. With dual battery bays, this drone can outlast the competition with flights lasting up to 38 minutes.

DJI MAVIC 3 CINE – If you’re looking for stunning professional aerial photos, this workhorse drone is the gold standard. It’s light, easily maneuverable and extremely reliable for a single operator. It’s capable of shooting in 5.1K at 24, 30 or 60 fps, and the flight autonomy sensing system provides for 4-direction obstacle avoidance, when flying in tight locations.

DJI FPV – Fully immerse yourself in the amazing FPV aerial views and unbridled speed of drone flying with this little gem.  When fully unleashed, the FPV Drone can speed across the sky at up to 87 mph. 

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You have a great eye for capturing photos and videos of our properties from just the right angle, and for creating video packages that highlight the geographic settings and communities where they reside. We’ve been able to launch these videos on YouTube and our website to reach our target audience with great results.

Brian Werner | Marketing Director, The Landings Real Estate Group

The success of our video marketing campaign has been incredible! Not only have you produced captivating videos of the unique journeys we offer, you assisted in establishing and maintaining our dedicated YouTube channel. Tens of thousands of potential travelers have been introduced to the American Queen and American Empress through these videos, so far. Add the photographs you captured for our print and digital marketing and your firm is the perfect solution for all of our media needs.

Eric Welter | Senior Vice President, Marketing & Reservations, American Queen Steamboat Company

Timing is crucial for our marketing campaigns, whether they seek to drive applications, promote an event or effectively utilize social media to build our brand. You’ve consistently provided us with high-quality video packages, with quick production turn-around times. We’ve successfully integrated them into our social media and inbound marketing strategy to visually showcase the unique educational experience students have

Josh Singer | Marketing Manager, IYRS

Sean is an experienced creative professional who goes above and beyond to get things done. The informational videos he produced for us are terrific pieces within our marketing mix. The videos do a great job illustrating the ways in which company incentives help our customers improve their own sales performance goals. It’s been a great way to educate our customers, succinctly and poignantly, about the value proposition we offer. Sean is the full package. He writes, shoots, directs, edits, and is well informed about new technologies and digital trends. He knows what it takes to work on integrated marketing campaigns, and works across channels to implement video best practices.

Connie Colclough | VP, Individual Award Operations, HMI Performance Incentives

We had an aggressive plan to produce 150 different videos to celebrate 150 years of Dean College. You provided us with creative ideas, along with a solid plan to capture the content needed to make these happen. We’re thrilled to have launched so many videos that tell Dean’s story from a variety of perspectives, including students, faculty and alumni

Gregg Chalk | Vice President Marketing and Business Development, Dean College

I’ve been working with Sean for over 6 years now. He first got us started by setting us up with our own equipment and helped get our in-house team established. After years of some success on our own, we asked Sean and his team to take over the entire process of our media production. Now our videos are produced exclusively by him and his team and we have never looked back. Their ability to keep to their schedule with their efficient workflow has allowed us to be completely removed from the process, all while the quality has improved. I am confident to recommend Sean and his team to anyone looking to efficiently produce high-quality media, especially for use on the web.

Stephen Lamb | Marketing Director, Universal Medical
Sean McVeigh Media

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