I just got back from the E3 Conference in LA, where the folks at Kor-FX launched a Kickstarter campaign for their cutting edge 4D gaming vest. The product gives users a unique entertainment experience by transforming the audio from video games or other media into tactile feedback. Imagine feeling the rumble of a rollercoaster, the hum of a revving engine, or the reverberations from nearby explosions while playing your favorite video game!

KOR FX on Twitter at E3Our video marketing strategy was pretty simple, and very effective.

  • Create clips, short and sweet, just right for sharing on any social network.
  • Post them to the Kickstarter project page and YouTube.
  • Tweet the links and watched our backers line up!


Timing is everything, as well. The launch of the Kickstarter campaign coincided with E3 – the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, CA. There, thousands of gaming and electronic entertainment professionals descend on the LA Convention Center to research and review the latest and greatest products.  As the expo went on, we used video to showcase the energy, enthusiasm and overall rave reviews of users who test-drove the vest at the Kor-FX booth.

Kor FX at E3 2014

According to Kickstarter’s own stats, approximately 57% of all projects succeed. With a 43% failure rate, it’s important to maximize your marketing channels. For Kor-FX, video was a front-and-center element of the Kickstarter project page and accelerated our success meeting the $75,000 fundraising goal. The campaign launched on June 9, 2014 and Kor-FX reached its goal in just one week!

There you have it, just one more reason why you should never overlook video as an essential component of your marketing toolkit.  Check out the videos below!

[vimeography id=”10″]