Marketing for higher education institutions spans more than the traditional 4 P’s – Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Audiences are multi-dimensional and multi-generational, and include prospective students, and potential donors. Done right, video marketing can shape the message for all of these audiences.

Consider this:

  1. Video grabs your attention. In 2015, Time Magazine reported that people now have the attention span of a goldfish! Seriously. Marketers have to compete with all sorts of media and other distractions. Video is the best format to grab the attention of a busy high school student and the busy donor.
  2. Video lives where your audience lives. According to a recent study by The Intelligence Group featured on, teenagers frequent YouTube 14% more often than Facebook. That’s nearly twice as often as iTunes, Instagram, and Twitter. According to another source, 85% of adults consider themselves regular YouTube visitors.
  3. Video content allows for cross-pollination. Prospective students might read program brochures; potential donors are more likely to read alumni magazines. However, neither person reads both. A single video highlighting the school’s academic programs, student life, athletics and alumni success can be be launched across multiple channels, reaching a wider audience and increasing the ROI for each marketing dollar.
  4. Video evokes emotion. Video integrates the sights and sounds of the campus with the story being told by a student, faculty member or alumni rep. Carefully selected music provides a backdrop that heightens the audience’s reaction, and strengthens the call to action.
  5. Video on social media is a listening tool. Videos on various social media platforms create conversations. Viewers comment on the video and the school. Listen carefully, and you’ll get great feedback on how prospective students, parents and donors feel about the programs offered, their perception of student life, and how expensive the tuition might be. These are all opportunities for the marketers, and institutional leadership to better understand and communicate your value proposition.


IYRS, the International Yacht Restoration School, based in Newport, RI has successfully used video to drive its marketing strategy. The attached videos showcases IYRS’ emerging programs that provide hands-on learning experience on their Newport and Bristol, RI campuses.

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