My passion is creating effective and persuasive videos that tell my client's stories their way. Through my company, Sean McVeigh Media, my mission is to create video content as the foundation of an integrated marketing plan for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s no secret that online video has become the lifeblood of Internet, and a must-have component for many marketing plans. Done right, video tells your company’s story, educates your audience, and attracts customers. Done wrong, your company’s story gets buried in a cluttered sea of viral videos featuring swim-team lip syncs, human catapults, marriage proposals, and puppies in funny hats. From conceptual development to social media integration we understand how vitally important it is to stay relevant in today’s market. It all starts with a conversation.  Contact us today!

Client Feature KOR-FX

KOR FX Kickstarter

How Video Can Accelerate Your Kickstarter Campaign

I just got back from the E3 Conference in LA, where the folks at Kor-FX launched a Kickstarter campaign for their cutting edge 4D gaming vest. The product gives users a unique entertainment experience by transforming the audio from video games or other media into tactile feedback. Imagine … [Read More...]

Capturing Your Event on Video

IYRS Launch Day

3 Big Marketing Goals for Capturing Your Event on Video

When your organization holds a key event - a fundraiser, a meeting, or in this case, a graduation, capturing it on video might sometimes be an afterthought. Don't let it be. With proper planning, a video can turn your event into a wide-reaching marketing channel. Here are three goals to … [Read More...]

What’s New

American Empress

Tips when traveling with camera gear

I’m not going to downplay it. Yes! Traveling as a videographer/photographer is phenomenal. I’ve been lucky enough to visit places that are on millions of people’s bucket lists, and I use my cameras to make my memories last forever and to share them … [Read More...]

Spring Fever

Spring Fever – HMI Performance Promo Video

After the long harsh winter we had in the Northeast we are certainly ready for some warmer weather.  Since today is the first day of Spring I thought I would share the latest video we produced for HMI Incentives.  The video gives us all hope for the … [Read More...]


Why you should add video to your training program

Training and learning through video can have significant advantages. Not every employee will grasp what he or she needs to know from a traditional training manual. People learn in different ways. Some people are visual learners, and some are auditory … [Read More...]


When do you need a voiceover?

Sometimes a professional voiceover is the best option for videos.  Company speakers are not trained actors. Their speech patterns are generally replete with “um”s and “you know”s and “like I said”s. Also, their cadences and direction is often … [Read More...]


Planning Makes Perfect – The Shot List

It's a tried and true maxim that planning makes perfect. Think about the shots you'd like to include and then think about what's the best way to capture them. With practice you'll develop a better eye for planning out the shots you want in your … [Read More...]